When our family felt it was necessary to place Mother in a facility where she would be cared for by nonfamily members, it was of utmost importance to us that she be in a place where she felt safe, loved, and well-cared for physically.

Caring Heart Terrace, under the direction of PJ Stawisuck and her staff, did an excellent job in providing such a place. The home was always clean and peaceful. Friends and family members were well above the call of duty in feeding, grooming, helping my mother through this last season of her life.

Our family highly recommends Caring Heart Terrace as a home where loved ones will be treated skillfully and caringly.

Welcome to Caring Heart Terrace Assisted Living

Caring Heart Terrace is an intimate assisted living facility located in Mesa, Arizona, that particularly specializes in the care and treatment of female dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. When a new resident joins the group, they instantly become a member of a close-knit small family. So passionate is the owner and onsite manager, PJ, about welcoming and caring for the residents that she and her staff of caregivers have adopted an unique mission statement.

Caring Heart Terrace Mission Statement

The house is the resident’s home, where they are treated with respect, love and dignity, in a manner they desire, not how we want. We believe we can best achieve our mission by fostering a strong spirit of unity and growth for residents.

Caring Heart Terrace provides one-on-one care around the clock, including home cooked meals, monitoring and administration of medications, laundry and other housekeeping services, plenty of fun daily activities and a great deal of warmth, love, care and compassion. The staff motto is “Heart to Care, Hand to Hold, Mind to Think,” and they do all that and much more for their cherished residents.

Please feel free to visit Caring Heart Terrace and take a guided tour of the home and meet the wonderful staff in person. Call today for an appointment … 480.632.0614.


Caring Heart Terrace L.L.C | 2705 E. Emelita Ave | Mesa, AZ 85204 | 480.632.0614